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Calming Music Created To Encourage, Inspire & Uplift!

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Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged is a 4 track EP by Kingdom Focus Sound. The tracks are instrumentals with hooks. The goal of this album is to remind us that despite life’s difficulties, God is in control and we can rest in His loving arms.

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If you've been touched by any of my music, please feel free to show your support by adding to the tip jar. Monetary tips encourage me, help add to my livelihood and allow me to invest back into making more music for you!

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. “

– Leopold Stokowski

Music With A Goal

Where words fail, music speaks. Music has a way of relaxing the soul and putting one’s mind at ease. Here at Kingdom Focus Sound, my goal is to create music to encourage, uplift and inspire you so that your soul and mind can find peace and hope. This therapeutic music is designed to help you focus on relieving stress, finding peace and relaxing all while remembering God’s love.

Upcoming Albums


Therapeutic Instrumental Album


Therapeutic Instrumental Album